“A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.”   –   Ansel Adams

Photography has been an interest of mine since my freshman year of high school. It became an outlet for all the emotions and thoughts that I did not feel comfortable expressing. My real passion was created when I began working with film and I was able to develop all of my own pictures. The process was one of great curiosity, pride, and ambivalence. At times developing challenged me greatly, but the end result only served to bolster the passion I had initially.

The greatest thing about photography as an art form is that it utilizes the objective truth more than any other medium or expression of art. Photography is in many ways subservient to the truth. The only manipulation the artist is making towards this truth is the perspective the artist wants to shoot the object from. Humans, plants, landscapes, and animals all have qualities seldom seen in normalized settings. Those are the qualities I wish to capture and share with the rest of the world, just as the philosopher who identifies a new theory, such as gravity for instance. It’s properties, in relation to this planet, have always existed, always been a truth. Although, no one was necessarily aware of its causal relationship to the world until it was hypothesized and verbalized by Sir Isaac Newton. I want to be a philosopher of the lens, of form, and of perspective.